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Modification Application

  1. Morrison Ranch Community Council
  2. Contact Information
  3. Neighborhood
  4. Location of Modification
  5. Nature of Request
  6. Proposed Construction or Modification (check one or more of the following)
  7. Morrison Ranch Design Review - Plant List

    Mark the location of each variety on your uploaded map or diagram.

    Note that plants marked with an asterisk (*) are shade, or semi-shade tolerant.

  8. Shrubs
  9. Ground Cover
  10. Please note the number of each plant that will be used in the front landscaping.
    • Diagram: Project including dimensions
    • Photo/Image: Paver, Security door, pergola, or other item to be installed
    • Photo: Full front or backyard area depending on location of modification
    • Photo: Area to be changed

    A brochure can be helpful, which may contain images, colors and style as well as dimension.

  12. Upload Supporting Documents
    Please upload photos or documents to support your application. If you have problems uploading images, please contact JoAnn Dugan,
  13. Incomplete submittals will be returned to applicant. Requests will be reviewed within 45 days of the submittal date.

    I understand and acknowledge that no work may commence prior to the written approval of the Design Review Board and that I will be liable for all costs necessary to bring any nonconforming work into compliance with the Declaration and the Design Guidelines and for such other penalties as provided in the Declaration and Design Guidelines. The Design Review Board (DRB) will act on this request within 45 days of receipt. I also understand if the required information is not included in the application, the DRB may not be able to make a valid judgement, and the submittal may be returned for more complete information.

    By adding a digital signature to this form, you authenticate your identity as the homeowner identified above and that you have authorization to submit the request for the listed property, given stipulations of the Associations governing documents.

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