Governing Documents

Governing Documents

As members of Morrison Ranch Community Council, homeowners agree to a set of rules and regulations enacted to protect the integrity and aesthetic beauty of the community. In Morrison Ranch, those guidelines are set in the governing documents, as well as policies and resolutions enacted by the Board of Directors.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)

Establishes the rights of the Association, Declarant, and residents. It also states the obligations of those parties. Basic rules and regulations are called out in this document but may be expanded through Board policy. Morrison Ranch Community Council is governed by two sets of CC&Rs.

        Second Amended CCR Council Rerecorded (PDF)

                 Fourth Amendment to 2nd A&R CCRs Feb 2022 (PDF), Explanation of Fourth Amendment Jan 2022 (PDF)

       Residential 2nd Amended and Restated CC&Rs (PDF)

Articles of Incorporation

       Articles of Incorporation – Residential Association (PDF)

       Articles of Incorporation – Community Council (PDF)

       Resolution to Dissolve Residential Association 2017 (PDF)


Sets forth how the Association functions and how it is to be governed. This includes information on the Board of Directors and various meetings.

       Council Bylaws Amended 2017.10.24 (PDF)

Residential Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines set forth policies and procedures regulating a homeowner's ability to make architectural changes to their property and creates a community standard of care to which homeowners must comply. 

       Design Guidelines, Approved Trees & Shrubs, Minimum Trees & Shrubs, Tree Requirements by Lot Size

Policies and Resolutions

The Board of Directors may approve additional regulations to expand or clarify rules of the governing documents or to address new issues as they arise.

       Parking Policy pdf

       Park Rates, Rules, & Regulations

       Common Area Rules & Regulations

       Violation Policy and Enforcement pdf