Virtual Lifestyle Events


We invite you to draw inspiring art or write encouraging messages on your driveway or sidewalk with chalk. Then head outside - drive around or take a walk - and look for the prints and messages.

love your neighbor

Friends & Neighbors: Every night at 6PM step out of your home to wave hello to your neighbors. Start a song or give a smile. Let each other know you care and visually check in with each other. 


Let’s Go On A Bear Hunt!

Thursday, March 26 - Sunday, March 29

Find a bear & put it in your window - it can be a real teddy bear or a printed photo of one - be creative with it! Then take your family and go on a BEAR HUNT throughout the community. Count the number of bears you find, and take photos of your family participating! Share with us on our Facebook Page.

You can also:

- Read the book before you go.

- Sing the Song as you go!

- Make a street map of bear locations.

- Make a map of your walk, track your mileage/steps!