Explore the Beauty

Trees Losing Their Leaves on a Cloudy Fall Day
Four Grain Silos
Four Grain Silos at Dusk
Father and Son Feeding Ducks by a Pond
Fountain Jetting from the Surface of a Pond at Dusk
Sidewalk Forking off into Two Paths
Fountain Fanning from a Pond
A Park Bench Next to a Sidewalk That Winds Around a Pond
Fall Day at the Park
Grain Silos at Sunset
Sidewalk Lined by a Row of Trees on the Left, and a White Fence on the Right
Grain Silos Silhouetted by the Setting Sun
Leafless Trees Line a Sidewalk on an Especially Foggy Day
Two Rows of Trees Line Park Walkways in the Fall
Wide Shot of a Pond on a Partly Cloudy Day
View of a Pond near Sunset
Lightning Caught on Camera, Striking down in the Distance near a Neighborhood
Waterside Structure with Tall Palms Dotting the Area, at Sunset
A Father and His Children Walk Hand in Hand down a Winding Park Sidewalk
Tall Stalks of Corn Along a Dirt Country Road